Malignancies in HIV Patients

This week at VA Morning Report, Dr. Cutrell talked about malignancies in HIV patients. Along with Dr. Bedimo, Dr. Cutrell recently published a review article about non-AIDS defining cancers in patients with HIV published in Current HIV/AIDS Reports in September 2013. Click on the link below to read the article:

Non-AIDS defining cancers among HIV-infected patients

Key Points from the article:

  • Non-AIDS defining cancers (NADC) have higher rate of incidence in HIV-infected patients compared to HIV-negative patients.
  • NADC is a major cause of death in HIV-infected patients,¬†especially as this population ages in light of recent advances in HAART.
  • There are several theories as to why the incidence of cancer is higher in HIV-infected patients including oncogenic effects from HIV itself, chronic inflammation from HIV, association with low CD4 count, and effects of antiviral therapy.