Answer: Case Challenge #1

Case Challenge #1 presented a 32 year old male with AML s/p induction chemotherapy who presents with fever and a rash. The skin biopsy showed dense neutrophilic infiltrates without vasculitis and negative infectious stains. This patient has:

B) Sweet’s Syndrome

  • General information:
    • Classified as neutrophilic dermatosis
    • Associated with heme malignancy, autoimmune disease or inflammatory bowel disease; onset described with marrow recovery from G-CSF
  • Exam: Abrupt papulonodular lesions on face, neck, hands with antecedent fevers
  • Biopsy: Neutrophilic infiltrates without organisms or vasculitis
  • Rx: steroids

Look forward to a more extensive review of Sweet’s Syndrome. There will be a new case challenge next week – get ready for it!