Solvadi earns Gilead over $10 billion!

Several days ago, Gilead Sciences announced that it earned over $10.3 billion dollars in sales of its hepatitis C drug, Solvadi. In addition to Solvadi, Gilead Sciences earned over $2 billion in sales of another hepatitis C drug which was recently approved for sale, Harvoni. The recent wave of new hepatitis C medications has garnered a lot of attention given its more tolerable side effects and efficacy in treating hepatitis C. However, in the United States each Solvadi pill is priced at $1,000 and a three month regimen can cost up to $84,000.

In addition to this announcement, NPR Morning Edition recently highlighted Gilead Sciences efforts to reduce the cost of Solvadi in lower income countries. However, this has come under scrutiny as the cheaper cost is still considered relatively expensive for many of these countries.

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