PCSK9 Inhibitors – Just Around the Corner?

We know PCSK9 inhibitors can dramatically lower LDL cholesterol, but does it affect one’s actual health? Through extensive research, including at UT Southwestern, PCSK9 has become a potential target for lowering cholesterol with the hopes of reducing risk for stroke and heart attack. This week in The New England Journal Of Medicine, two research studies published showed reduction in cardiovascular events with the use of PCSK9 inhibitors. The results were also presented at this year’s American College of Cardiology Conference in San Diego, CA. The studies looked at evolocumab and alirocumab and is causing a lot of excitement in the medical community and making national headlines including The New York Times. Both drugs could become approved by the FDA by the end of this summer. Future trials are underway with larger cohorts as these two studies were not designed to primarily look at cardiovascular outcomes but the drug’s ability to lower LDL cholesterol.  Check out the two studies below by clicking on the links below:

Efficacy and Safety of Evolocumab in Reducing Lipids and Cardiovascular Events

Efficacy and Safety of Alirocumab in Reducing Lipids and Cardiovascular Events