“The Flipped Patient”

This past December in JAMA, Dr. Jeffrey Chi and Dr. Abraham Varghese from Stanford University published an op-ed article in the Viewpoint section titled “The Flipped Patient”. They discuss how electronic health records (EHR) have provided many advantages in care of patients but point out some unintended consequences to training of physicians. Has EHR moved us away from the patient’s bedside? Do we bypass asking about the family history and past medical history because it already auto-populates on the note template? Has the question, “What brings you to the hospital?”, become obsolete with the abundance of information provided in the EHR before you even see the patient? Click on the link below to read the rest the article! Thanks to Dr. Croft and Dr. Kazi for the article reference.

“Ultimately, however, the nature of medicine is the interaction of a vulnerable human being in distress with a caring empathetic team represented by other humans.”

The Flipped Patient