What Makes an Outstanding Upper Level Resident? 6 Tips May Help!

Dr. Juan Lessing and Dr. Nick Mark from the University of Washington presented some advice on how to be a great senior internal medicine resident at SGIM 2015, “6 Precepts to Becoming a Good Senior Resident”. Click on the link below to read it as it’s full of helpful advice and very applicable to the housestaff! Thanks to Dr. Anil Makam for the reference!

6 Precepts to Becoming a Good Senior Resident

Freakonomics Takes a Look at Healthcare! 

This past April, two podcasts were released by Freakonomics that took a closer look at randomized controlled trials and taking the approach of “less is more” in taking care of patients. The first podcast interviews Amy Finkelstein, an economist from M.I.T, who has been looking at the utility of conducting randomized controlled trials in studying health care delivery and uses the Oregon Medicaid Health Experiment as an example. In the second podcast, Dr. Anupam Jena (assistant professor at Harvard Medical School) is interviewed regarding a study he led that looked at outcomes in Medicare patients when specialists are away at a conference. Click on the links below to be directed to the podcast from the Freaknonomics website. Thanks to resident Sean Townsend for the reference!

How Do We Know What Really Works in Healthcare

How Many Doctors Does It Take to Start a Healthcare Revolution?