Interesting Journal Articles to Read!

Today at morning report we discussed high value care and professionalism/managerial skills. We specifically noted a recent article published in JAMA by oncologist Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel from the University of Pennsylvania and an article in NEJM by Dr. Michael Porter of the Harvard Business School published in 2010. Click on the links below to read the articles!

“Higher income, higher educational attainment, and a cleaner environment are actually more important in determining patients’ well-being than health care services.” Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel

What is Value in Health Care

Enhancing Professionalism Through Management

UTSW Resident Research Featured in News!

Recently, Daniel Sullivan (PGY-01) presented research from medical school (University of Alabama) on e-cigarettes. Sullivan presented the findings at ATS this year in Denver as the findings showed higher the power of the e-cigarettes was associated with  higher concentrations of harmful subtances incluidng acetaldehyde, acrolein, and formaldehyde. The findings sparked a lot of media coverage as the use of e-cigarettes has exploded in the last few years. Check out the interview with Daniel Sullivan about this exciting research and click on the link to read the abstract from ATS Conference. Very proud of our residents!

Mechanical and Chemical Components of Electronic Cigarettes Affect Combustion Production Formation and Biological Pathways of Inflammation