What’s your score? Report cards for surgeons #AMreport

The Pulitzer-prize winning investigative journalism site, ProPublica, recently published an analysis of Medicare data regarding over 17,000 surgeons and their complication rates. Doctors can go to the site to compare themselves to their peers and patients can use the same information to select a surgeon. The analysis found that a small percentage of surgeons account for a disproportionate percentage of the complications. The study focused on elective surgeries and reportedly accounted for age and health.

Although the data is reported on individual surgeons and their complication rates within a particular hospital system, it begs the question of whether these rates are reflective of the individual or if there are significant healthcare systems issues at play.

At morning report, discussions surrounding our own patient management issues arose: How do I score on managing diabetes compared to my peers? What is my going complication rate for heart failure patients?

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