As New Medical Schools Come Online, A Concern Rises About Availability Of Texas Residency Slots

Last week, Dallas Magazine published a well researched article profiling the deficit number of residency slots in Texas. Although this problem is national, Texas’ physician shortage (45th in the nation for physicians per capita) and rapidly expanding medical student population have amplified the issue. As of 2013, there were a total of 1,611 residency slots for 1,587 medical school graduates state wide. To achieve the desired 1.1:1 ratio of residency positions to graduates, recommended by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education, Texas will need to add an estimated 589 residency slots by 2022. With federal GME funding fixed for the last 18 years, the state has legislated $60 million to create approximately 125 new GME positions. With new medical schools opening in Austin, the Rio Grande Valley and Fort Worth, this funding is unlikely to be sufficient but any backing from the state legislature is encouraging. This article poses interesting questions regarding the future of graduate medical education at UT Southwestern and Texas as a whole. It’s certainly worth a read.