2016 Presidential Election: Healthcare on the Campaign Trail

Americans are held in suspense as each week approaching the 2016 election, a new potential political candidate is introduced to the growing pot of presidential hopefuls. Although the candidates remain unclear, one thing is for sure – healthcare reform will be a major debating point. With Medicaid expansions and the Affordable Care Act defining the past two terms, voters are still anticipating a bandaid for the seemingly struggling healthcare system. Physicians and patients are also eager to identify a leader who will be able to implement much needed changes. As more and more individuals throw their hats into the ring, it becomes every more important to understand their views on this issue. There are many more debates to come and this issue will certainly arise. While there is no perfect, unbiased resource for political issues, a good summary of the stance the candidates take on healthcare can be found here:

2016 Presidential Candidates on Healthcare