IBM’s Supercomputer ‘Watson’ Aims to Revolutionize Clinical Decision Making

Watson is an artificially intelligent computer system developed by IBM. In 2011, Watson was made famous by competing on Jeopardy! at which time it defeated prior champions Brad Rutter and Ken Jenning’s. IBM now aims to apply this revolutionary technology to healthcare. Researchers at Memorial Sloan-Kettering are developing Watson as a decision making tool for oncologists. With the capacity for massive data storage and advanced reasoning algorithms, Watson synthesizes up-to-date, comprehensive clinical evidence and patient data to create accurate diagnostic and treatment plans. This function hopes to extend high quality, evidence based practice uniformly around the world. Expanded use in other sub-specialties is planned, as well. The potential applications of this technology are staggering and extend to decision making, clinical research and administration. In the digital age of healthcare, tools like Watson have the potential to improve efficiency and the provision of high quality, patient centered care. Please see the following articles for more information: Article 1, Article 2.