The One, The Only – Dr. Brad Cutrell!

Our own phenomenal Dr. Brad Cutrell, UTSW ID faculty extraordinaire joined us for our Back-2-Basics series and delivered a lecture to remember! And refer to over-and-over again. Antibiotic Strategies + Pearls!

Only just a few highlights:
– HAP and VAP considered separate entities in new guidelines; removal of HCAP
– Consider PseA in patients w/ Bronchiectasis or COPD + frequent steroids/antibiotics, chronic alcoholism, recent hospitalization in last 90 days
– MDR risk factor: IV Abx use in prior 3 months!
– Anti-Psa for HAP: 2 drug coverage if prior IV abx last 90 day, structural lung dz (e.g. CF), septic shock or MV need
– colony threshold (≥ 105 cfu/mL) is NOT an indication for treatment of asymptomatic bacteriuria