Continuous improvements!

UTSW physicians, residents and interns are always on the look-out for continuous improvement of their hospitals and patient care. Out of several months discussions, Parkland Hospital is implementing a new policy: Tele Monitor Tech will call Code Blue and then call the Telemetry hotline for these lethal rhythms:

  • Bradycardia 30bmp or less
  • Sustained VT for > 30 seconds
  • True Asystole

Great example of team work amongst physicians, residents, nurses and techs. Focusing on effective and safe patient-centered care!

But what do YOU think? For our HouseStaff:

  1. What do you look at if called about possible NSVT and/or VT?

2.  You see this rhythm on a telemetry strip:


and after urgent cardioversion, you see that the QT is normal: