Resident Recognition!

Our residency program is like a large family. And like in any family, we want to recognize certain people for their recent work and accomplishments.

Brad Peden!

“I’m one of the fellows who had the pleasure of working with Brad Peden and wanted to give him due credit for his outstanding work ethics and attitude. Even for a busy rotation (a GI service) we have had an unusually busy month in terms of patient load. Although Brad is not interested in a career in GI, he never complained about staying late, always asked to help in whatever capacity he could, was always reliable, and was fun to work with on a team. He not only made an otherwise busy and draining month much easier for me, I’m certain his patients benefited from his work ethics as well. It is not an exaggeration when I say he is the best resident I have worked with thus far, and for that I thought he deserved recognition. Thanks!” Fellow on service

“I absolutely agree with [the fellow].  Brad is an excellent resident and should be recognized for this!” Attending on service