#ProudtobeGIM Week at UTSW

Interested in learning more about general internal medicine? The Society of General Internal Medicine (SGIM), in conjunction with the UT Southwestern Division of General Internal Medicine, is sponsoring a weeklong lunch lecture series at the medical school. In addition to catered food, lectures will feature distinguished UT Southwestern general internists ranging from Dr. Fred Cerise, President and Chief Executive Officer of Parkland, to Dr. Jim Wagner, Associate Dean for Student Affairs. The lecture series will also feature a social media photo booth, free SGIM swag, and last but not least, a Pokestop.

When: 12:00pm each day, January 23-27

Where: D1.700

Monday – Dr. Oanh Nguyen (GIM panel)

Tuesday – Dr. Fred Cerise (Innovators and Leadership panel)

Wednesday – Dr. Jason Newman (Expert Clinicians panel)

Thursday – Dr. Ethan Halm (Clinician Investigators panel)

Friday – Dr. Jim Wagner (Medical Educators panel)