Quality Improvement Opportunities

Here are a couple of cool QI opportunities that can help you earn some $$$ as well.

1. AHRQ’s WebM&M
Submit cases of medical error/ patient safety to AHRQ’s WebM&M series. These cases are completely anonymous (no PHI, or information identifying the patient, institution or yourself). If selected, an expert will write a commentary on your case, and you will receive $300. Downside is that your identity is never revealed and you do not get credit/ a publication.
There is no strict deadline for this, but we never know when it will stop.
Please continue to report safety reports internally as well.
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2. ACGME’s Back to Bedside Initiative
This aims to empower trainees to develop transformative projects that combat burnout by fostering meaning in their learning environments and engaging on a deeper level with patients. The purpose of Back to Bedside is to support the development of innovative ideas, clinical practices, or policies that will improve physician well-being and foster a sense of meaning in work while increasing the time physicians have to spend in the care of their patients.
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Total funding: $10,000 per year renewable for up to two years.
Deadline for Proposals: August 5, 2017.