Resident Shoutout!

Thank you everyone for your tireless work in transitioning to the new academic year. To our new interns, welcome! We are beyond delighted to have you join the UT Southwestern Internal Medicine family. We look forward to the incredible accomplishments, camaraderie, and enthusiasm that you will bring over the next three years.

The chiefs would like to give recognition to some residents who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make their new colleagues’ transition into residency as smooth as possible. Their work speaks to the dedication that our residents have to the health of this program and to each other. We are beyond impressed and grateful.

Intern Orientation: Shoutout to Giuliana Cerro Chiang, Katie Gavinski, Dheepa Sekar, and the Education/Curriculum Committee. Over the past several months, these residents worked with program leadership to design intern orientation, to create intern survival tools, and to personally welcome the new class. Also, thanks to all the residents who volunteered for our Team Based Learning activities and our social events at Top Golf and Liver Rounds.

PCIM Orientation: Special thanks to Micah Eades (recent graduate and current GIM Fellow at Beth Isreal Deaconess), Emily Bowen, Christina Yek, Saroja Bangaru, Christopher Wrobel,  Sarah Cossich, Anurag Mehta, Bryan  Block, Allison Lange, Katie Gavinski, Heather Wolfe, Hunter Stone, Nitin Kondamundi, and Elizabeth McGehee for designing PCIM orientation, standardizing PCIM templates, and updating the PCIM orientation guide for our new class. These fine folks are the core members of the PCIM Committee whose work continues to make PCIM better day by day.

PRIME Orientation: Much appreciation to Ed Yang, Joey Harrington, Ananya Kondapalli, and Shreya Rao for creating the PRIME orientation materials entirely of their own accord. Our new interns and veterans are lucky to have such caring physicians.

ICU Orientation: Major props to Meredith Greer (recent graduate and current Pulmonary/Critical Care fellow at Emory), Fernando Woll (recent graduate and current Pulmonary/Critical Care fellow at UTSW), An Lu, Nitin Kondamundi, Spencer Carter, Giuliania Cerro Chiang, Megan Kypreos, Dheepa Sekar, Elizabeth McGehee, Ed Yang, and the rest of the ICU committee for developing the Parkland MICU orientation manual and coordinating with faculty our ICU topic teaching list. You guys are amazing.

There are so many more of you out there who have also made this program the academic powerhouse and close-knit community that it is. We regret not mentioning all of your accomplishments. If anyone notices that someone has gone beyond the call to make someone’s life better, please let the chiefs know. Positive stories about our residents are the lifeblood of our morale!

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