Image Challenge of the Week!

On Monday, we will post an image challenge of the week. We will post the answer on Friday. As the year progresses, the cases will get progressively harder.

Case: A 35 year old white woman is admitted for an elective cholecystectomy for symptomatic cholelithiasis and is found to have a platelet count of 90,000 platelets per microliter of blood. She denies any bleeding history or fatigue. Her exam is without findings of petechiae, bruising, or organomegaly.  Her other laboratory findings are unremarkable.

Her peripheral smear demonstrates the following:


What diagnosis is suggested by this finding? What can you do to confirm this diagnosis? How would you change your management based on the diagnosis?

Tune in Friday for the answers!

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  1. Pseudothrombocytopenia- microsatellitism on smear. Repeat CBC wth EDTA tube. No change in mgmt

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