Rocking R2s

R2’s Nivi Arora and Joey Harrington have both published articles this week. Congratulations, you guys are awesome : )

Nivi’s Teachable Moment in JAMA Internal Medicine under the mentorship of Dr. Swathi Reddy (rheumatology faculty at the VA) focuses on the evaluation of fibromyalgia, and the non-utility of routine ANA testing in this disease. She further discusses that ANA sub-serologies are unlikely to be positive if the ANA itself is negative, and so getting an ANA upfront is more prudent than the entire ANA panel.

Joey worked on an article with Dr. Parag Joshi (cardiology faculty) which was published in Current Cardiovascular Risk Reports. They review the potential role of coronary artery calcium (CAC) scoring in the initial evaluation and risk stratification of patients with low- to moderate-risk, stable and acute, chest pain. In low-risk chest pain patients, a negative CAC score can effectively “rule out” an ischemic etiology in patients experiencing chest pain.

Please send us your articles/ conference presentations/ accomplishments. We want to know about and disseminate the amazing work you are doing.