Bryan Wilner Published in JAHA

Bryan Wilner published a study last week ”Dynamic Relation of Changes in Weight and Indices of Fat Distribution With Cardiac Structure and Function: The Dallas Heart Study” in the Journal of the American Heart Association (JAHA)

With Dr. Ian Neeland serving as the primary mentor, Bryan and team observed a dynamic relationship between changes in body fatness and changes in the structure and function of the heart over 7 years:

a.  Increasing body fatness over time was linked to abnormal changes in heart structure above and beyond the effect of baseline fatness.
b.  Any amount of weight gain was linked to an increase in abnormal thickening of the heart.
c.  Both markers of general obesity (body weight and BMI) and central obesity (waist circumference) were associated with “concentric remodeling” which may lead to the development of heart failure over time.

These findings may have important implications for the prevention and treatment of cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure and support the importance of preventing obesity as primary prevention for concentric remodeling and eventual heart failure.

Congratulations Bryan : )

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