Christina, Carolina and John publish in BMC Med

Christina Yek, Carolina de la Flor and John Marshall published an article titled, ”Effectiveness of direct-acting antiviral therapy for hepatitis C in difficult-to-treat patients in a safety-net health system: a retrospective cohort study’‘ in BMC Medicine this week.

Here is a summary of their work:

”Direct-acting antivirals have revolutionized chronic hepatitis C treatment, but real-world effectiveness among vulnerable populations carrying the vast burden of disease is lacking. In this study conducted at Parkland’s own Liver clinic, Christina, Carolina and John followed a cohort of Hepatitis C-infected patients treated with novel direct-acting antivirals over the course of 2 years. Despite multiple barriers to care and co-morbidities in this patient population (including high rates of underinsurance, alcohol and drug abuse, and psychiatric disease), rates of treatment success were impressive (90% overall, 94% in the evaluable population). Their findings exemplify the excellent care delivered at Parkland to its indigent patient population, and demonstrate that good outcomes can be achieved through strategic planning and resource utilization.”

Special thanks to mentors Dr. Mamta Jain and Dr. Amit Singhal.

Great job guys! 🙂

— Chiefs