Yek and Hendren Publish in JAMA Internal Medicine

Christina Yek and Nick Hendren, mentored by Dr Arturo Dominguez, published a Teachable Moment, “Edema and Ulceration of the Lower Extremities – All That’s Red Is Not Infection” in JAMA Internal Medicine today.

In this article, Christina and Nick describe a case of bilateral lower extremity erythema due to chronic venous stasis that was misdiagnosed and treated as cellulitis. This scenario is all too familiar to most of us; although this patient did not suffer harm from his therapeutic misadventure, inappropriate antibiotic use and unnecessary hospitalization in such cases can lead to avoidable complications. The moral of the story: take a good history, perform a thorough physical, and use knowledge of cellulitis mimickers (“pseudocellulitides”) to refine the differential.
Congratulations !! : )
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