House Officers of Excellence!

Congratulations to our two fantastic recipients of the winter House Officers of Excellence award. This award is given to a PGY2 or PGY3 and a PGY1 who have been recognized by their peers for professionalism, clinical excellence, and contributions to the overall health of the program. The winners are decided by voting among the entire residency class.

The resident recipient is Dr. Katie Gavinski. Her peers note:

  • “Katie an exemplary resident. She brings a great attitude every day and is always focused on delivering the best patient care. She is quick to engage in learning, and she is the X factor that elevates her team and makes the work load always feel lighter. I am a huge fan.”
  • “Super caring about her patients and a great role model to her interns.”


The intern recipient is Dr. Bruno Alvarez. His peers note:

  • “Bruno’s knowledge base is insane. He brought good evidence to our shared patients that, frankly, I had never heard before. It became my practice as a resident to ask him about what he thought about the plan of care before I committed to it. Dental implants causing electrolyte disorders? Yup, Bruno taught me that. He is extremely motivated at self improvement and cares deeply for his patients. They are lucky to have him taking care of him.”
  • “He has been so helpful in supporting me as a co-intern. His knowledge base is unbelievable and he keeps a level head despite stressful situations.”


In addition to the above two, the following residents also deserve honorable mentions. They were also recognized by their peers for being outstanding clinically and professionally.

  • Dr. Varun Sondhi
  • Dr. Emily Bowen
  • Dr. Jenny Li
  • Dr. Shawn Simek
  • Dr. Tim Brown
  • Dr. Anurag Mehta
  • Dr. Joseph Moore
  • Dr. Chad Guenther
  • Dr. Christina Sherwood
  • Dr. Saroja Bangaru
  • Dr. Sam Saleh
  • Dr. Andrew Sumarsono
  • Dr. Komal Patel
  • Dr. Aaron Fond
  • Dr. Kelvin Oliver