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A 34-year old woman presents with persistent foreign body sensation in her upper eye lid. She is a contact-wearer. Eversion of the upper eyelid reveals the following:

Postepy Dermatol Alergol. 2015 Jun; 32(3): 204–209.

What is the diagnosis? Scroll down for answer.




















giant papillary conjunctivitis


Giant papillary conjunctivitis is an inflammatory condition due to lid movement over a foreign substance, most commonly contact lenses and prosthetic eyes. It is characterized by foreign body sensation and the formation of papillae >1mm in size. Treatment is removal of the foreign substance. Adjunctive therapies include artificial tears, topical histamines, and, for severe cases, topical steroids.

Contact lens wearers should abstain from contact use for approximately 2-4 weeks. As the inflammation becomes quiescent, contact lens wearing can be trialed 2-3 weeks after resolution of symptoms with emphasis on reducing lens-use time, frequent cleaning, and use of preservative-free storage agents. Use of daily-use lens versus extended wear lenses may also be useful.