A Fun Time Hosting North Texas ACP

Our Program hosted the 2018 North Texas ACP meeting on Thursday, May 17. Four programs graciously came over and made a special evening possible.

All pictures of the event can be viewed here.

The programs were:

  • Texas Health Presbyterian
  • Methodist Dallas
  • UT Health East Texas- Longview
  • Baylor, Scott and White

The event was attended by Dr. Roger Khetan, President of Texas ACP. Sixty posters were presented by the 5 programs (including UTSW), followed by oral presentations and dinner in the Faculty club. Dr. Kazi welcomed the guests followed by a short talk by Dr. Khetan on ACP and its member benefits and role for shaping the career of young physicians.


The 5 oral presenters were:

  • Vishal Kaila
  • Elizabeth Brewer
  • Zehra Hussain
  • Brooke Mills
  • Mridula Nadamuni


The poster presenters from UTSW were:

  • Andrew Sumarsono
  • An Lu
  • Jessy Barnes
  • Stephanie Chiao
  • Nivedita Arora
  • Ross Schumacher
  • Stephane Buteau
  • Natalie Hoeting
  • Ashlin Christensen-Szalanski
  • Jeff Chidester
  • Ananya Kondapalli
  • Giuliana Cerro-Chiang
  • Roy Elias
  • Joseph Obi

Greta job, guys!!



Thanks to the judges from all the institutes for their help in evaluating the posters and talks. The judges from UTSW were Dr. Swathi Reddy, Dr. Ambarish Pandey, and Dr. Purav Mody.

The ‘winners’ of the evening were then declared:

  • Best Clinical Vignette (Poster): Danielle Ivey ( (Baylor, Scott and White)
  • Best Research (Poster): Joesph Obi (UTSW)
  • Best Clinical Vignette (Oral): Brooke Mills (Baylor, Scott and White)


They will get a chance to present at the Texas meeting in the fall, and then an opportunity at ACP nationals. Thanks to the very special Education Office team of Camille, Brittani, Lynne, Marc, Henry, and Barbara for making this evening possible. See you next year!


— Chiefs