VA QI Morning Report – PICC?

This morning at the VA we did a mini M&M based on this case regarding the appropriateness of PICC lines in a patient with CKD/ESRD with diabetes and osteomyelitis.

PICCs should generally be avoided in patients with an eGFR <45 ml/min/1.73m2 or placed only after consultation with a nephrologist. The reason for this is PICC placement can harm future candidacy for AV fistula placement, the safest and most effective method of hemodialysis.

There are alternatives for patients needing long-term IV access that may preserve the central and peripheral vasculature in the event HD is needed. The MAGIC criteria have helped to delineate the most appropriate intravenous catheter for your patient. The original paper, published in 2015, can be found here. The authors have also developed an app, which can be found here.