Who needs HCC screening?

Guidelines differ slightly between the different liver societies (AASLD & EASL & APASL) but most agree that we should screen the following high-risk groups:

  • Patients with Child Pugh A or B cirrhosis
  • Patients with Child Pugh C cirrhosis, only if awaiting liver transplant
  • Non-cirrhotic patients with HBV infection & any of the following characteristics:
    • Active hepatitis (ALT and/or high viral load)
    • Family history of HCC
    • Africans & African Americans (age does not matter)
    • Asian males > 40
    • Asian females > 50
  • +/- Chronic HCV & advanced fibrosis (stage F3), rather than strict cirrhosis

Keep these in mind when you’re seeing your PCIM & PRIME patients!