R2s Dr Eule and Dr Sumarsono Publish!



It’s been a big week for our second-year residents as two of them have had first author publications.

Eule Paper

Dr. Corbin Eule had his publication “The Direct Antiglobulin Test for Evaluating Anemia” published in JAMA this week as part of their Diagnostic Test Interpretation series. Dr. Eule presents a patient case and the results of their labs and asks the reader to interpret them in a multiple-choice question. He then provides a nice overview of the DAT test. Co authors on the paper include Dr. Arjun Gupta (former chief resident and current hematology/oncology fellow at Johns Hopkins) and Dr. Srikanth Nagalla (hematology/oncology fellowship program director). Read the paper here.

Sumarsono Paper

Dr. Sumarsono had his publication “A 57 Year-Old Man With Subacute Progressive Hemoptysis and Fevers” published in CHEST. The paper details a case of a man presenting with hemoptysis and found to have an unusual diagnosis that was first considered after a specific physical exam finding. Co-authors on the paper include Dr. Timothy J Brown (current chief resident), Dr. Stan Atkin (former resident, current OHSU hospitalist), and Dr. Jason Clark (intensivist). Read the paper here.