Komal Patel and Taylor Roberts Publish!


R2 Dr. Komal Patel and R1 Dr. Taylor Roberts had a manuscript published in Journal of Oncology Practice yesterday afternoon. Their paper details quality improvement methodology to reduce inappropriate rasburicase use at Parkland. After forming a committee to study the problem, interventions were designed to limit the inappropriate use, including changing the recommended dose and involving a pharmacy second review. Prior to implementing these changes, approximately 32% of all rasburicase orders, afterwards this rate dropped to 3.4%, with only a single inappropriate order in 8 months. Remarkably, this was accomplished without specialty-limiting the ordering of rasburicase or necessitating a consult prior to ordering.

Other authors on the study include past CMR Dr. Arjun Gupta, current CMR Dr. Tim Brown, Pharmacist Dr. Eileen Marley, and senior authors from the division of Hematology & Oncology Dr. Hsiao (Jenny) Li and Dr. Navid Sadeghi.

The full text of the article can be accessed here.

Congratulationss Dr. Patel and Dr. Roberts!

Corbin Eule Publishes


PGY2 Dr. Corbin Eule had his work published last week in BMC Cancer. Dr. Eule and colleagues looked at the published literature in palliative oncology to define the landscape of the literature as well as trends and areas that are absent or lacking in the field. Dr. Eule worked with APD Dr. Paulk on the study and the PI was Dr. Beg of hematology & oncology.  The article is open access and can be found here.