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#fridayimagechallenge(with answers)

45yo Buddhist monk with no past medical history presents to the parkland ED with 1 week mild chest pain on exertion and palpitations. Initial ECG is shown below.


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55yo hispanic gentleman with poorly controlled diabetes presents with substernal chest pain radiating to his jaw starting 3 days ago, in ED troponin 1.2 and initial EKG below.

#fridayimagechallenge (with answer)

what EKG findings do you see and what underlying condition led to torsades?

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Case: 55yo homeless man presents to the hospital altered and febrile to 39, seen two weeks ago at OSH for cough where EKG was documented as “normal sinus rhythm”

This EKG was obtained in the ED

(click image to enlarge)

What is the EKG finding and what underlying diagnosis should be at the top of your differential?

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#fridayimagechallenge (with answers)

55yo female presents with 5 syncopal episodes in the last 24 hours. EKG on presentation below


interesting ecg/image? send to

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#fridayimagechallenge(with answers)

From the (excellent) August Parkland MICU team and Tri we have a CXR for today’s image challenge.

We had one correct answer which I think came from Arjun… Nitin’s answer of ‘get this man some steroids!’ will also be accepted.

Hit “read more” for the case and answer.



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#fridayimagechallenge (with answer)

Another ECG for you this week, thanks for all the cases you have sent me (, excited to use them in the coming weeks


Just like before, lowest training level with correct answer wins some excellent chocolate!


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#FridayImageChallenge (with answer)

Happy Halloween! Click on the “continue reading” link below to see the answer to this weeks spooky CXR.

It’s Halloween night in the CUH MICU, you admit a lady dressed as an eclipse for  septic shock and unknown pulmonary process. You put in a left IJ triple lumen for pressor support. Happy with your smooth procedure you head back to the rounding room thinking about her clever costume and the cup of gummy bears waiting for you. The nurse calls asking you to clear the line as her MAPs are now in the 50s, her CXR is below.


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