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Parkland Morning Report: Pulmonary Mucormycosis

This week at Parkland, Dr. Thomas Rose presented an interesting case of pulmonary mucormycosis in a 19-year old presenting in DKA.  Fortunately, through quick identification and appropriate management, the patient is back at home and continuing to improve 6 months after her initial presentation! Continue reading Parkland Morning Report: Pulmonary Mucormycosis

New Parkland Hospital sneak peek


For those of you that haven’t had an opportunity to tour the New Parkland Hospital (NPH) yet, take a look at this video tour. The move from the current hospital to NPH will take place over three days (August 20-22).

NPH Quick Facts:

2.8 million square feet (vs. PMH with 1.2 million)

862 patient rooms

83 adult ICU beds

154 ED rooms

Stay tuned for more details on the critical role our housestaff will play in this once-in-a-lifetime hospital move!

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