Hospital Conferences

If on CLEMENTS Rotations:

  • Weissler Intern Chart at 11am every Thursday in 9.103
  • Weissler Resident Chart at 11am every Friday in 9.103
  • Noon Conference for all Monday-Friday in 2.101

If on PARKLAND Rotations (except MICU/CCU)

  • Intern Chart at 12pm every Tuesday in G5.240 (in med school, near Education Office)
  • Morning Report for Residents every day at 9am in NPH 12.513
  • Noon Conference for all Monday-Thursday in NPH 3.507 and Fridays in D1.502
  • IDT Meetings 2-603 at 1:30pm – located next E employee elevators and next to Inpatient Pharmacy
    • Held each weekday except the 1st and 4th Wednesdays of the month (1st and 4th Wednesdays are Care Management staff meetings)
      This will get your patients the COORDINATED CARE that you want them to get.
  • Based on your team, come at these times to discuss.
    • A1 1330
    • A2 1335
    • B  1340
    • C1 1345
    • C2 1350
    • D  1355

If on VA Rotations:

  • Morning Report for Residents Monday-Thursday at 8am on 8th floor (door code 3510)
  • Noon Conference for all Monday-Friday on 8th floor

UTSW Internal Medicine

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