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UTSW Residents Take Over DDW

Washington DC this past weekend was filled with residents from UTSW presenting their excellent work.

Current second-year residents Kristina Tzartzeva and Joseph Obi presented their research “Surveillance Imaging and Alpha Fetoprotein for Early Detection of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Patients with Cirrhosis”. In this systematic review and meta-analysis, Drs Tzartzeva and Obi demonstrate the addition of AFP to ultrasound significantly increases the sensitivity for early HCC detection in patients with cirrhosis. This research was completed with Dr. Rich, a current GI fellow at UTSW, and the principal investigator Dr. Singal. Drs Parikh, Marrero, Yopp, and Waljee were also contributing authors on the study.

Second-year resident Ahana Sen presented her research “A Systematic Review of Failures Across the Colorectal Cancer Screening Process” in which she observes multiple causes for underuse and overuse and deviations from established guidelines for colorectal cancer screening. She postulates it would be possible to improve the effectiveness of CRC screening if these steps could be targeted. Dr Murphy was the principal investigator of this study, with significant contributions from Dr. Singal and Dr. Sigel.


Second-year resident Taylor Derousseau presented “Delayed Gastric Emptying in Pre-Lung Transplant Testing is Associated with Post-Transplant Acute Cellular Rejection Independent of Reflux”. In this study, Dr Derousseau retrospectively reviewed a database of prospectively collected data of patients undergoing lung transplant evaluation at UTSW. He finds an association with patients who had delayed gastric emptying also developing acute cellular rejection after lung transplant. Importantly, many of these patients with delayed gastric emptying were asymptomatic. Dr. Gavini was the principal investigator on this study, with contributions from Dr. Chan, Dr. Lo, and Dr. Kaza.


Komal DDW

Intern Komal Patel presented her work “Use of Fresh Frozen Plasma to Correct Coagulopathy in Patients with Variceal Bleeding” with Dr. Agrawal and Dr. Sarode. She retrospectively reviewed cases of patients who presented with  variceal hemorrhage to determine the effect of FFP on INR and outcomes, concluding this practice results in variable decreases in the INR and may be associated with rebleeding.


Lastly, third-year resident and rising Chief Resident Saroja Bangaru presented “Increased Use of Liver Transplantation as Therapeutic Option for Severe Alcoholic Hepatitis”. In this study, Dr. Bangaru surveyed transplant hepatologists about their practices and opinions with regards to liver transplantation in alcoholic hepatitis. Over half of respondents reported transplanting patients for severe AH, with excellent 1-year survival reported. Dr. Mufti was the principal investigator, with Dr. Pederson and Dr. Singal contributing to the work.


Help us congratulate our outstanding residents on their important work!